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Excursions in Saint Petersburg


Peter the Great wanted to build a country residence even better than Versailles in order to demonstrate to the world the emerging empire’s greatness. Nowadays in the parks of the Peterhof you can see over one hundred fountains decorated with graceful sculptures. Various museums amaze us with their beauty: the Great Peterhof Palace, Monplaisir, Marley, the Hermitage and many others.

Duration: 6 hours

Tsarskoe Selo

Tsarskoe Selo is one of the favorite residences of the Russian monarchs and served as a center of court life for over two hundred years.  A beautiful collection of palace and park art by famous architects has been amassed over the years. The real pearl of this place is the splendid Catherine Palace, which amazes us with its luxurious interiors and rich decoration. Here you will also see the real masterpiece of jewelry art – the Amber Room.

Duration: 6 hours


The Pavlovsk palace and park complex was built as the summer residence of Emperor Paul I. It became known as the best landscape park in the world, where the scenery and architecture are successfully combined. A beautiful collection of various items brought by royal family from their travels can be seen there. These include presents from Louis XVI to Paul I and the famous painting “Cupid Shooting a Bow” by Charles-Andre van Loo.

Duration: 6 hours


Kronstadt is a port city on the island of Kotlin. The city founded to protect St. Petersburg, was Russia’s main naval outpost on the Baltic Sea for many years. Kronstadt remained a closed city for most of its history, as it maintained a functioning naval base. Since 1996, however, tourists have gotten an opportunity to freely visit this wonderfully beautiful city.

Duration: 5 hours

Following in the footsteps of Peter the Great

This excursion to the center of St. Petersburg is dedicated to the founding of the city and its early years. During the excursion it is possible to see sights relating to St. Petersburg’s three main periods of development: its birth on Troitskaya Square, located close to the Peter-and-Paul Fortress, the development of the port on Vasilievsky Island and the formation of the main artery of the city, Nevsky Prospekt, with its adjacent streets. You will get an opportunity to see St. Petersburg with the eyes of Peter the Great and his contemporaries as well as to follow the same route as the Russian Emperor followed.

Duration: 3 hours

With visiting Peter-and-Paul Fortress: 5 hours

Majestic St. Petersburg

The center of St. Petersburg is the best illustration of the strength and power of the Russian Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries as well as its eventual decline. You will also explore the history of its emperors, ordinary workers, industrialists, military, architects, artists, musicians and traders. St. Petersburg is a city which has many bright, unusual, tragic and unrepeatable faces and destinies.

Duration: 3 hours

With visiting Hermitage: 6 hours

The Cathedrals of St. Petersburg.

If the Peter-and-Paul Fortress is the heart of the city and the Hermitage and the Russian Museum are its face, then the cathedrals are definitely its soul. The cathedrals, carefully kept and restored after the war, invite us to plunge into a wonderful world of harmony and beauty. Built in various architecture epochs, the cathedrals represent a vibrant palette of styles and names. 

Duration: 4 hours